Happy 2011!

Long time! I didn’t have the internet access 4AW…

I wish you all have a happy 2011!

Also, my Mongolian new year is coming soon.
This year, all of Mongolian around the word, will have Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian lunisolar New Year) on February, 3, 2011.

The New Year according to the Lunar Calendar in Mongolia is called Tsagaan Sar which translates as the White Month. There are many opinions about the origin of this name. One of them is that Mongols believe white symbolizes happiness, purity and abundance of milk products.

The date of Tsagaan sar, depending on the phases of the moon, falls anywhere between the end of January and early March. The calendar uses a 12 base system, with the century consisting of 12 years, the year, of 12 months, and the day, of 12 hours. The years bear the names of animals. The Mongols judge the coming year by the animal name it bears. This year is the Year of the rabbit.

Mongolians like to start off the new year with their ger, apartment, or house being very clean. Many families will take this time to redecorate by buying new flooring or rugs to hang on the walls. In addition to new household goods, families will buy new clothing as well. On Tsagaan Sar, you can usually find Mongolians wearing a new, clean deel, or traditional dress.

but I will working in the office as usual in my Mongolian Tsagaan Sar cause I’m a Tokyo OL^^;
Honestly, It is quite hard time for me the year and year cause I’m not with my family spend together in new year time but getting used to it.
Again, but we have a lots of Mongolian friends to get together spend Tsagaan Sar together, this year we’ll have the Tsagaan Sar Party in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on February, 5th, 2011 Starday evening. I’m looking forward to the party!

☆Next coming up soon: I’m crazy about reading a Japanese Manga called…☆

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