‘Change’ keeps me fresh

Hi, guys!

I passed the MCP exam 70-271 this morning.
Required score was 700 and I have passed with 749. ペロリ
Now on to 70-272 and going to take next week.
Also, if I pass the 70-272, as well as my credential an MCDST.
Wow, I’m still  in shock.ひらめき

People say 70-272 is bit harder than 70-271, however, I will keep on trying my best.

Actually I’m kinda homesick recently,,,u know,,,
‘Change’ keeps me fresh and then I believe ‘change’ creates chance…バラ

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‘Change’ keeps me fresh への6件のフィードバック

  1. ソド より:


  2. kazu より:

    Congraturations!! I have MCITS Database Administrator, too.Give it shot for 70-272. You can do it. and so on…anyways,I’m drunk now and I agree to "’change’ creates chance"

  3. 塔娜 より:

    おめでとう!よく頑張ったね。ooriin jam aan ooronn joloodorai. sai saihiniiqin huseye.

  4. Gerile より:

    Thank u… all of u!!! Thank you very much for your kind messages, which encouraged me soooo much.(TT)

  5. Tomoe より:

    I like what you say and I can related to that.. and Congratus. on whatever you are passing,hehe.So you still live in Tokyo? i am still in Vancouver. I visit Sapporo twice a year now. We should meet up somewehre(6,6)/

  6. Gerile より:

    hi, Tomoe. Thanks! It’s nice to hear from u again. I’m still live in Tokyo^^; Sure, let’s meet when u visit Japan next time! Geri



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