Did you know?(豆知1)

Dear friends. 
There can be a 5GB of free online storage for your favorite documents, pictures, and other files on skydrive. 
So, what is the skydrive? Let Me Explain コーヒー
We already have ‘my space’on Windows Live Messenger. Create and add it to share new files and pictures and information each other. Today I get a very useful information from my colleagues. that you could have more space (but 5GB!) on Windows Live Messenger server. 
 You can post your files,pictures, and folders on this server anywhere, anytime, and  post them on any PC. Only you need to have a hotmail account to sigh in.

5GB,  I think quite enough for a private files…also it is free! 音楽
I’ve create it today!天使
More information, pls check the below:
  サッカー http://skydriveteam.spaces.live.com/ サッカー

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