ANKARA in Tokyo

Did ur guys rememer Yuksel?I talked with him last week He said that he went to a Mongolian restaurant in Istanbul cause he was missing the Lovely, Beautiful, Charming Mongolian friend – only one he has, too much^^;  also said that the Mongolian food in that restaurant wasn’t  like the Mongolian BBQ in Vancouver. What did he eat? How was the Mongolian food tests like? I’m really interested in When I go to visit him, I’m pretty sure will check it out.


About The Mongolian BBQ in Canada, I can’t say that it was a Mongolian food but I was really happy to be there cause I could eat there as much Mutton and lamb as I like^^ It is said that the Mongolians were descended from the WOLF.CoooooL


Last Nov, by the chance I went to a Turkish restaurant ANKARAin Shibuya, Tokyo with my two of Japanese VIP friends  Mr.T and Mrs.M. They treat me the Turkish meal(A full course ard CAN$40). It was really fantastic, even some food were fresh and new for me. Now I forgot all of the name but I still remember that I took 2 pictures(really smart, eh?).


 ANKARA in Shibuya, Tokyo:

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