abt Gmail…

Hi! my Friends. I got the Gmail invition from my friend. This friend said, he bought this Gmail invition on Yahoo Auction by 50yen… Therefore, I made the Gmail e-mail add. do u know abt the Gmail? Why the people wanted to have the Gmail add? 
Anyway,Here is a GOOD NEWS for u.  if u want to have Gmail add. just tell me pls. I’ll send u an invition from Gmail. but I could invite only 3 people… I think…I think ill be free for u-    
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abt Gmail… への3件のフィードバック

  1. kazu より:

    Hello, Geri.Thank you for your comment.Next time, I email her, I will put your comment on my mail.I WANT GMAIL ACCOUNT….

  2. Gerile より:

    Hi, Kazu. I already sent u an invition from Gmail. have fun…c-ya

  3. kazu より:

    Hi, Geri.Thanks for Gmail Account.I got it.



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