Yasu came to Tokyo today!!!!

Wow, I met Yasu at Hachiko, Shibuya st…I was so happy…do u want to read the hall story, right? I’ll write tomorrow It’s time to go to my bed…good night, my friends…
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Yasu came to Tokyo today!!!! への3件のフィードバック

  1. kazu より:

    yasu is Yasuro?he came to Tokyo?Do you know Aki started to write Blog at MSN space.

  2. Keiko より:

    Hey Geril!! I want to hear what you talked with Yasu.Please give me some comment in my Blog!! Thank you!

  3. Aki より:

    Yasu? Who is he? hahaha No No I know him^^Please fell me in about him^^I wanna go there again Geri…Have fun^^



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