Miss Mongolia came to Japan

Miss Mongoliaが来日




[1] モンゴル語。意味はがんばれー。

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Miss Mongolia came to Japan への3件のフィードバック

  1. Unknown より:


  2. 塔娜 より:

    Hello. Gerel. You have finished your MSN space.It is Great.After it you should have your owen HP. In there you can do a lot of things more then here. Come on! By the way, can I say something? When you translate something to Monggolia, I think, you should tell readers , if you use the mean of Monggolia or Inner Monggolia. I think, it is different in Monggolia and Inner Monggolia. Just like カンバレ! How do you thing about it? From Tana

  3. Gerile より:

    Hi! Tana. welcome to my space. Yes, Tana, u’re right(I know, u always tell the true). I have to have my own HP… I’ll think about this seriouselly.That’s a fantastic idea for me. thanks a lot.Let’s talk how to say がんばれーin Mongolia. They say ‘Hicheegeerei’ in Mongolia Country. but we say ‘Charmegaarai’in Inner Mongolia. Of course, I ‘ve never forgotten…Therefore, The miss Mongolia comes from Mongolia Country. That’s why I said ‘Hicheegeerei!’to her.Both of them were correct…right?



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